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  • Hassan Kahn, The Knot, 2012

    Credit: Atelier de numérisation de la Ville de Lausanne

From March 18, 2015
to November 1, 2015

Living Glass II

Thanks to the generosity of our patron, whose family started the mudac's collection of glass art in 1970, our holdings have expanded considerably in recent years. Exploring the paths of contemporary design in all their diversity, these new works reflect the most recent developments in the use of glass.

The second part of Living Glass presents a broad selection of works acquired between 2012 and 2014. Of particular note are the spectacular sculpture by Tomáš Libertíny, a fusion of the creative powers of humans and bees, works by the artist Hassan Kahn and the Nendo design workshop, six works selected for the European Coburger Glaspreis 2013 award and a selection of works by the young designers of Fabrica in Treviso.

  • Mark Formanek, Standard Time, video, 2007

    Credit: Mark Formanek

  • Wendy Gaze and Arnaud Imobersteg, Semaphore, 2013

    Credit: Sandra Pointet - HEAD

  • Hublot, MP-05 "La Ferrari", 2013

    Credit: Hublot

  • Michael Sans, Cuckoo Clock, 2008

    Credit: Michael Sans

  • Dongjin Byeon, Daily Life Wall Clock, 2011

    Credit: Dongjin Byeon

  • Valentin Carron, Orologio, 2006

  • Piaget

    Credit: Fabien Cruchon

  • Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, 365 Knitting Clock, 2010

    Credit: Siren Elise Wilhelmsen

  • Seraina Lareida, ARA, 2014

    Credit: Cédric Widmer

  • Maarten Baas, Grandfather Clock, 2013

    Credit: Maarten Baas

  • Thorunn Arnadottir, Sasa Clock, 2011

    Credit: Thorunn Arnadottir

  • Cartier, Eric Sauvage, Collection Cartier

    Credit: Cartier

  • Humans since 1982, The Clock Clock White, 2010

    Credit: Humans since 1982

  • Nazar Sigaher, Frame, 2009

    Credit: Nazar Sigaher

From May 27, 2015
to September 27, 2015

Telling Time

The aim of Telling Time is to initiate a dialogue between the history of the watch and the way in which contemporary designers and plastic artists have chosen to tackle the concept of time and how it is presented. Each of these areas brings its own particular resonance, its own cargo of poetry and aesthetic references, its own innovative strength and limitless creativity, to what is an unusual, whimsical, funny and rigorously documented exhibition.

The mudac is the first design museum to take such an all-encompassing and cross-disciplinary view of watchmaking, bringing together the products of an internationally renowned tradition of fine watchmaking with the explorations of industrial designers and newcomers from the world of digital technology. Six centuries of timekeeping are on display, illustrated by more than one hundred creations from around the world.

  • Studio Wieki Somers, High Tea Pot, 2003

    Credit: Studio Wieki Somers

  • Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow, BC-AD White series, 2012

    Credit: Moti Fishbain

  • Peugeot Design Lab, Onyx sofa, 2014.

    Credit: Peugeot

From October 20, 2015
to March 14, 2015

Futur archaïque

This exhibition showcases the link that is apparent today between the future - whether immediate, near or distant - and the past, the historical. It highlights the way in which designers can create objects that cut through the distractions of modern life to reveal our forgotten roots, while integrating the latest technologies. By exploring the resurgence of archaic forms in design, the project sketches out a sociological reading of these emerging desires to reconnect with our roots.

Exhibition curator: Yves Mirande