Currently showing

  • Exhibition view (Betony Vernon)

    Credit: Olga Cafiero

  • Mark Woods, Fruit From the Garden of Earthly Delight, 2008-2012

  • Rachel Freire, Modesty Suit, Collection automne-hiver 2010

    Credit: Diego Indraccolo. Courtesy Rachel Freire

  • Bina Baitel, Saddle Swing, 2013

    Credit: F. Kleinefenn. Courtesy NextLevel Galerie

  • Gianluca Tamburini, Amazon

  • Betony Vernon, Origin Chair, 2012

  • Mustafa Sabbagh, Just in Black, 2014

    Credit: Mustafa Sabbagh

  • Jean-Luc Verna, Williams, 2009

    Credit: Courtesy Air de Paris, Paris, et le Centre International d'Art Verrier de Meisenthal

  • Dejana Kabiljo, PRETTYPRETTY, Marcellina, 2009

    Credit: Christian Maricic

  • Lucas Van Vught, Crowns Jewels, 2008

    Credit: Paul Scala

  • Patrycja Domanska, Felix Gieselmann, Veronika Ritzer, Last Night I Dreamed, 2010

    Credit: Georg Milde

  • Petros Chrisostomou, Big Wig, 2006

    Credit: Petros Chrisostomou

  • Walter van Beirendonck, Sexclown, Collection printemps-été 2008

    Credit: WVB & Ronalo Stoops ??

  • Christian Ghion et Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc, Ceci n’est pas un jouet, 2007

    Credit: Christian Ghion

From October 29, 2014
to April 26, 2015

Strange forms of pleasure

Exhibition not recommended for children under 16.

Nirvana is the first comprehensive exploration of the influence of erotica in design, fashion and contemporary art. By turns cheeky, luxurious and mysterious, the exhibition presents the work of around one hundred contemporary creators who make use of an iconography connected with sensual pleasure, drawing inspiration from erotic and fetishist literature, and from the images, objects and garments to which they frequently refer.
Visitors will discover objects of superior workmanship, many of them rare and inaccessible, made from materials associated with the world of luxury goods and craftsmanship.

The exhibition forces us to re-examine our own ideas and perceptions of pleasure, and shows how forms can be transmuted from the private to the public sphere. Three major creators are given carte blanche within the exhibition: Mark Woods (designer), Betony Vernon (jewellery designer) and Nika Zupanc (designer).

Curators: Marco Costantini and Susanne Hilpert Stuber

With the support of Retraites populaires and Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

  • Matt Mullican, Education Tool, 2008-2009, éd. Ardeis Genève

    Credit: Atelier numérique de la Ville de Lausanne

  • Maxime Bondu, L’Ampoule de Livermore, 2011-2012, éd. CIRVA Marseille

    Credit: Atelier de numérisation de la Ville de Lausanne

  • Tomas Libertiny, The Seed of Narcissus, 2011

    Credit: Atelier de numérisation de la Ville de Lausanne

  • Fred Fischer, Egomorphisme 7, 2007-2008

    Credit: Marie Humair

  • Jaime Hayon, Science Vase 2, 2009

    Credit: Atelier de numérisation de la Ville de Lausanne

  • Matali Crasset, Bouteille à la croix, 2008

    Credit: Marie Humair

From December 11, 2013
to March 1, 2015

Living Glass
Recent acquisitions by the glass art collection

Mudac's latest contemporary glass art exhibition, Living Glass, presents a broad selection of works and installations by today's glass creators of many nationalities-Swiss, European, American and Asian. Bearing witness to the very idea of glass art, pieces ranging from sculpture to edition design all translate the museum conservation team's open and ongoing approach, as assisted and supported by the Collection's patron.

Published jointly by La Bibliothèque des Arts and the mudac, a richly illustrated and trilingual (fr/en/de) publication, Le verre vivant [Living Glass] accompanies this exhibition.