Permanent exhibitions

  • Ornamental vase with lid
    China, Qing Dynasty( 1644 - 1911 )
    Yellow glazed ceramic, 18 cm x 10,3 cm

    Credit: Credit: Marie Humair, AN

  • Amulet in the shape of two fingers
    Egypt, Late Period (1085 - 332 BC)
    21st - 30th Dynasty Obsidian

    Credit: Credit: Truus de Jong


    Credit: ©mudac

Jacques-Edouard Berger Collection

Death on the Nile

Death in all its facets: from the treatment of the dead to the funerary customs, a deep look at the Egyptian Hereafter.    


The galleries devoted to Asia feature a selection of some sixty containers made of terra cotta, sandstone, bronze and lacquer from the 11th century BC to the 20th century, illustrating the diversity of forms and uses of containers in China and the neighbouring countries.

A series of workshops for children aged 5 to 8 accompanies the exhibition from March to May 2015.