Jeudis Design 2014

For their 9th edition, the Jeudis Design invite you to 5 special events to discover the current trends of design, in Switzerland and abroad. Lectures, panels and debates will be as many opportunities to meet and exchange with Swiss and international designers.

In partnership with the magazine Espaces Contemporains.

In 2014, the mudac invites you to an exceptional workshop this Spring and to a cultural trip in Switzerland this Autumn, as well as lectures and conferences on the occasion of the exhibitions No Name Design, Otto Künzli. L'exposition and Nirvana. Etranges formes du plaisir.

The Long Night of the Museums, Saturday 27 September

With a programme sprinkled with spatial conquest images and a poster inspired by the lunar landscapes of the first editions of Jules Verne, The Long Night of the Museums invites visitors to rediscover their city with new eyes and to jump into the boots of an intergalactic explorer for one long night!

Saturday 27 september 2014 from 14.00 to 02.00

Price: 10.- (free admission for ages 0 to 16)

Explore the full programme of the activites of the mudac during The Long Night of the Museums, and the programme of every museum:

  • Caption:
    Otto Künzli, Australian Diary, 2000
    Credit: Stéphanie Billeter

Long Night of the Museums: Between Native Land and Temporary Host Country

From his Autralian journey, Otto Künzli brought back a necklace symbolizing his temporary host country. What would be the necklace made by a Rom who came to live for a while in Switzerland?

The mudac invites Ilie Weischnur, a Rom cultural facilitator trained in a programme of the European Council, to lead an intercultural workshop. Each participant will conceive and produce his own necklace from materials symbolizing Swiss or Rom cultures.

Saturday 27 September at 14.00, 15.30 and 17.00

Family workshops (1h)

Reservation essential: at the museum, 30 minutes before the workshops

15 participants per workshop

  • Caption:
    Benoît Billotte, Crystal House in the Mountains, blown glassé, 2011
    Credit: Arnaud Conne – atelier de numérisation de la Ville de Lausanne

Long Night of the Museums: guided tour of Living Glass

Guillaume Serraille, art historian specialized in contemporary glass art, will lead a singular visit of the collection of the mudac on the theme of traveling and wandering - the general topic of the activities of the mudac for this edition of The Long Night of the Museums.

From Antiquity on, glass workers have never stopped traveling and being "nomadic craftsmen". After a brief historical overview, the guided tour will present some of the contemporary artworks from the collection relevant to this issue.

Saturday 27 September 2014 at 18.00 (1h)

In French

Reservation essential: at the museum, 30 minutes before the workshops

Max. 30 participants

  • Caption:
    Ensemble Gypsy Kelen Amentza

Long Night of the Museums: Kelen Amentza! Dance with us!

Rom dances from Transylvania (Romania) with Florin Michi, Liviu Macingo and Mircea Antal on the music of contemporary Rom stars such as Sandu Ciorba. The public will have the opportunity to learn traditional dance moves and corporal percussions in a joyful atmosphere of intercultural sharing.

Saturday 27 September 2014 at 19.30

All audiences

Duration: 40' (performance) and 20' (initiation)

Covered stage of the Cathedral's esplanade. In case of rain, sports room of the Gymnase de la Mercerie (follow signage).

  • Caption:
    XANNDA Theater Company
    Credit: Olivier Sillig

Long Night of the Museums: Nomadistan

Nomadistan is an imaginary land. It welcomes everyone and belongs to no one. Traveling enables the meeting of separate worlds, a mirror's game between oneself and the others. A reversed image of one's own difference. Between the other's language and ours. A festive exchange between sounds, senses and sense. The theatre of the memory in the night of a museum.

By the XANNDA Theater Company, staged by Sima Dakkus, with Lucienne Olgiati and Leili-Ella Yahr.

Saturday 27 September at 21.00 and 22.30

Duration 30'

All audiences

  • Caption:
    AÂMA, 2013-2014
    Credit: Editions Gallimard et Frederik Peeters.

Long Night of the Museums: Arts & Sciences Action, The Impact of Drawing

In many ways, words are not sufficient to give a mental representation of urban projects. If drawing can relay the complexity of an urban development project, it can also denature it. This issue will be addressed by the urbanist Paola Vigano who will expose her theories about the horizontal metropolis, accompanied by the live performance of the comic-strip artist Frederik Peeters while the image sociologist Gianni Haver the impact of drawing on our imaginary of the city.


A partnerhsip between the mudac and Archizoom, as part of the Arts & Sciences Actions

Saturday 27 September at 17.30

In French


Duration 45'

  • Caption:
    Rudy Decelière, installation at the church St-François, 2014
    Credit: DR

Long Night of the Museums: Rudy Decelière at Eglise St-François

In addition to its own programme, the mudac presents the artwork by Rudy Decelière, hanging from the vault of the Eglise St-François: a visual and sound installation inviting the visitor to a soothing and contemplative experience.


Saturday 27 September 2014 from 14.00 to 2.00

All audiences. Access to disabled visitors possible upon request at 079 379 84 51.

15.30: Lecture in French by Gilles Bourquin (minister and journalist): Les protestants sont-ils fait pour le jardin?

17.00: Concert by l'Ensemble Vide (Denis Schuler): repeted readings of the text by Antony Scherrer by Monica Budde

20.00/21.00/22.00/23.00/24.00: Des mots par-delà les feuilles: The writer Antonin Scherrer reacts to the emotions aroused by the artworks and the comedienne Monica Budde will then perform the texts.


And the full programme of Esprit Sainf:

  • Caption:
    The industrial workshop Mayer & Soutter in Renens

* Design Days, Friday 26 September

The 6th edition of the Design Days will take place in the industrial workshop Mayer and Soutter. This impressive and elegant concrete and steel building has been closed for 10 years and is now exceptionnally open to the public for the duration of the event.

The mudac invites you to discover this essential design event with a guided tour (in French) with Patricia Lunghi, responsablde of the Design Days, Nicolas Le Moigne, designer and Chantal Prod'Hom, Director of the mudac, followed by the conference of the designer Patricia Urquiola (in English).

Friday 26 September 2014 from 16.30

The full programme of the Design Days is on:


*This event is reserved to the Friends of the mudac: discover the programme 2014 at and join us!

Further information at 021 315 25 27 or

  • Caption:
    Otto Künzli, Undated (probably pendants), 1993
    Credit: Otto Künzli, Munich

* Discovering contemporary Jewellery, Thursday 2 October at 18.00

Otto Künzli. The Exhibition presents the main and most important works of Otto Künzli, who has revolutionized the art and vision of contemporary jewellery. A private guided tour with Carole Guinard, curator of the exhibition at the mudac and in charge for the contemporary jewellery collections of the mudac, will allow to seize Künzli's smart mind.

This tour will be followed by an exceptional and exclusive presentation of selected pieces from the jewellery collections of the museum.

* This event is reserved to the Friends of the mudac: discover the programme 2014 on and join us!

Further information at 021 315 25 27 or

  • Caption:
    David Bielander, Scampi, 2008
    Credit: David Bielander

Launch of the book Bijoux en jeu, Sunday 5 October 2014

The mudac is happy to announce the publication of a book dedicated to its important contemporary jewellery collections. Two remarkable collections are indeed in safekeeping at the mudac, the mudac's and the Swiss Confederation's. Based on theses collections of the mudac, strong of almost 200 pieces, the book Bijous en jeu, relfects the developments marking a realm eternally in effervescence.

The mudac invites you to discover this publication, as well as to a guided tour of the exhibition Otto Künzli. The Exhibition (on its last day) led by Carole Guinard, curator of the exhibition and in charge of the contemporary jewellery of the mudac.


Sunday 5 October from 16.00 to 18.00. Free admission to the mudac from 16.00 on

No reservation

  • Caption:
    Usine Kugler
    Credit: Julien Gregorio

Excursion Design, jeudi 13 novembre

A l'occasion de l'exposition Nirvana, le mudac présente une douzaine de parfums aux senteurs animales, fétichistes, réputées aphrodisiaques.

En lien avec ces propositions d'éveil des sens, le mudac et le magazine Espaces Contemporains vous proposent un parcours culturel exclusif à Genève: visite des ateliers de deux créateurs qui placent la couleur au centre de leur travail; une conférence de Muriel Jacquot du Laboratoire d'Ingénierie des biomolécules de Nancy: Les odeurs ont-elles une couleur?; ainsi que la visite des laboratoires de Givaudan, créateur ...

Jeudi 13 novembre 2014

8h: Départ de Lausanne
9h30-11h15: Visite des ateliers de Chloé Peytermann et Christian Humber-Droz
11h30-13h: Repas indien à La Parfumerie, ancien site de production de parfums
13h-14h15: Conférence de Muriel Jacquot
15h-17h: Visite olfactive dans les laboratoires de Givaudan, créateur de parfums et d'arômes
17h45: Départ pour Lausanne, arrivée à 18h45

Prix: 65.-
(50.- pour les Amis du mudac) tout compris, boissons en sus

Réservation obligatoire jusqu'au 30 octobre au 021 315 25 30 ou à Places limitées

Téléchargez ...